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  1. Enter sand, man
  2. Nimes concert to air on french tv this weekend
  3. iPhone App Launches
  4. KIRK HAMMETT: ROCK HALL 'has one of the best events to happen in our career'
  5. Metallica: Reloaded
  6. LARS ULRICH interviewed on Atlanta's 97.9 FM -VIDEO-
  7. James Hetfield: Dave is not in this band for a reason
  8. Robert Trujillo on ZAKK WYLDE's health, OZZY's driving skills
  9. Rare Metallica test printing of 'kill Em All' being sold for $6600
  10. Metallica sees the light
  11. METALLICA is open to performing full albums in concert again
  12. KIRK HAMMETT Interviewed on Charlottesville's 97.5
  13. Wiser Metallica scales back
  14. Backstage with Metallica
  15. Arenes de Nimes -Francais Pour Une Nuit-
  16. Missing Girl from Charlottesville Show
  17. Trujillo Rocks Out with Rodrigo y Gabriela
  18. Exit light, enter bandmen
  19. Live review: Metallica
  20. OZZY to perform with METALLICA at ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME's 25th anniversary
  21. A&R executive who 'discovered' METALLICA interviewed
  22. Video footage of Lars with designer Marc Newson
  23. Metallica: Masters of Metal
  24. Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica
  25. Metallica Fears Timberlake Suspect
  26. Kirk Hammett confirms LOU REED jam, comments on missing Virginia fan case
  27. Trujillo interviewed on Québec City's 'Démentièllement Vôtre'
  28. James Hetfield interviewed on TÉLÉ-QUÉBEC's 'Voir'
  29. Tapulous Metallica Revenge
  30. Remaining Death Magnetic tracks coming to Wii
  31. METALLICA, TOOL, ROB ZOMBIE share thoughts on halloween
  32. Metallica still has hope for missing fan
  33. KIRK HAMMETT talks about performing with LOU REED - Video-
  34. Metal metamorphosis
  35. Metallica concert raises $87-hundred for food bank
  36. Metallica increases Harrington reward
  37. Kirk Hammett relists house in San Francisco
  38. Large turnout expected in Charlottesville search for Morgan Harrington
  39. Metallica is still angry after all these years
  40. Metallica tour raises $28,000 for Canadian charities
  41. Search for missing VT student Morgan Harrington finds no new leads
  42. Metallica's Hetfield, county work on Terra Linda trail deal
  43. METALLICA announces theatrical screenings Of 'Francais Pour Une Nuit' in France
  44. Harrington’s scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil
  45. METALLICA: 'Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De México' DVD Detail
  46. Missing METALLICA Fan's Mom Questions Hitchhiking Claim - Nov. 15, 2009
  47. LARS ULRICH, TWISTED SISTER's SNIDER to appear in 'get him to the Greek' film
  48. CAMPAIGN FOCUS: Metallica
  49. Missing Metallica fan search continues
  50. Robert Trujillo says touring South America is 'special'
  51. wormee
  52. Happy birthday Kirk Hammett!
  53. Metallica Photo Pit Pass
  54. Band of fine mettle
  55. Robert Trujillo about missing fan: 'I was crushed'
  56. Morgan's brother holds vigil at MSG
  58. Robert Trujillo about 'Francais por une nuit' dvd *Audio*
  59. Highlights from the Rock and Roll Hall of fame concert
  60. Parents of missing METALLICA fan hopeful this thanksgiving
  61. *METALLICA'S MEXICO; 'Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria' DVD Preview Available*
  62. Mexican Metallica CD/DVD on sale
  63. Grammy Nomination
  64. Does METALLICA's 'Death Magnetic' cover image resemble a Va**na? band responds;
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  66. Metallica applies heavy metal bear hug
  67. JAMES HETFIELD interviewed on Las Vegas' KOMP 92.3 radio station
  68. More 'Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria' DVD Preview Clips
  69. Metallica. The one. The only.
  70. Metallica is back on track
  71. KIRK HAMMETT finally finds buyer for his pacific heights house
  72. The Big Four [Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax]
  73. Robert Trujillo interviewed on 101.7 THE FOX
  74. WHIPLASH, AT WAR + more bands to perform at benefit concert for missing METALLICA fan
  75. Metallica, Machinehead, and Volbeat - World Magnetic Tour 2009 -
  76. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax to share stage for first time
  77. Metallica frontman donates land for open space in Marin
  78. Lars Ulrich interviewed on 107.7 THE BONE's 'Lamont and Tonelli show'
  79. James and Kirk interview from "Thrasher" skateboard magazine 1986
  80. METALLICA's 'Black' lp is top-selling album of SOUNDSCAN era
  81. Metallica drummer struggles with ringing in ears
  82. METALLICA, AC/DC, NINE INCH NAILS benefit from TICKETMASTER's paperless ticket system
  83. METALLICA's Bulgarian promoters fail to pay tax on 2008 concert
  84. Lars Ulrich interview Kerrang! Magazine 16/12/2009
  85. Police say missing METALLICA fan was drinking
  86. AC/DC, METALLICA among top tours this year in North America
  87. METALLICA Named one of worst celebr autograph signrs to come through CAN during 2009
  88. Search for items belonging to missing VA woman, Morgan Harrington
  89. METALLICA sold 52 million albums in U.S. since 1991
  90. Guitar that once belonged to KIRK HAMMETT being auctioned for $35,000
  91. Parents of missing METALLICA fan to organize new search
  92. METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, DEF LEPPARD to be featured on 'behind the music remastered'
  93. Harringtons: Area not as safe as you think
  94. Lars Ulrich interviewed on Syracuse's 95X
  95. Video Interview with Kirk Hammett on Punto Final
  96. METALLICA fans camp outside venue two days before concert in Lima
  97. Parents of missing METALLICA fan interviewed by WHSV NEWS 3
  98. CRIMINAL to support METALLICA in Chile with NICK BARKER on drums
  99. Famed searcher brings new hope in finding missing METALLICA fan
  100. METALLICA in Argentina; TV Report
  101. METALLICA: 30-Minute Buenos Aires press conference
  102. MEGADETH Announce 'Big Four Sonisphere Giveaway Contest'
  103. The day that finally came
  104. The loss of a fan - R.I.P. Morgan Dana Harrington
  105. Brazilian video report on Lima concert
  106. Cop hurt, 120 arrested at Metallica concert in Chile; Video
  107. Report: MORGAN HARRINGTON likely died quickly
  108. METALLICA: Chilean, Brazilian TV coverage
  109. METALLICA: Video interview, Pro-Shot footage of Buenos Aires
  110. METALLICA receives Gold, Platinum in Brazil
  111. METALLICA frontman interviewed by MTV BRASIL; Video Available
  112. VH-1 to air remastered Behind The Music episodes
  113. James Hetfield: The wolf at Metallica's door
  114. The campaign to get ‘The Big Four’ to play ‘Orion’
  115. Revolver Golden Gods Awards
  116. METALLICA Drummer Interviewed On MTV BRAZIL
  117. AC/DC, METALLICA And KISS among BILLBOARD's top 'money makers'
  118. Rare 1982 demo Of “Hit The Lights” posted
  119. James Hetfield interviewed by Brazil's GLOBO NEWS
  120. METALLICA in Guatemala City: warning shots, pepper gas and power outage
  121. Swedish 'Enter Sandman' TV special
  122. Tanks on the streets of Bogota for Metallica gig
  123. METALLICA, AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN songs featured on I-Tab
  124. Metallica boosts security for Venezuela concert
  125. Manager: METALLICA planning stage show to rival PINK FLOYD's 'The Wall'
  126. GUNS N' ROSES Vs. METALLICA: Who has sold more records in the U.S.?
  127. METALLICA's 'The Day That Never Comes' named top metal video of last decade
  128. Record store day hits the U.K.
  129. Metallica line up New Zealand
  130. METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES among this week's 'hot tours'
  131. U.S. Troops in Afghanistan deploy newest weapon: Metallica
  132. Vinyl Re-Issues Return
  133. Icelandic volcano ash cannot stop METALLICA and FEAR FACTORY
  134. James Hetfield featured in 'Absent' documentary
  135. METALLICA to play Moscow gig despite European flight chaos
  136. Metallica frontman robbed by Moscow waiters
  137. 'Master Of Puppets' named 'Best Heavy Metal Album Of All Time'
  138. Metallica fans fuming over scalpers
  139. Metallica blitzkrieg sees record Ticketek sales
  140. Metallica tickets sell out fast
  141. New trail plan near Metallica frontman's land still in dispute
  142. James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica's Door by Mark Eglinton - An Extract
  143. 60 horses quarantined at Zagreb´s hippodrome, days before Metallica concert
  144. Metallica fans fork out small fortune
  145. Metallica urged to do more shows
  146. METALLICA: 'Load' vinyl release pushed back to June
  147. Lars Ulrich in 'get him to the Greek' movie
  148. The Big Four . . . Coming To A Theatre Near You!
  149. James Hetfield interviewed on Mexico's 'Soundcheck'
  150. James Hetfield featured in 'Absent' documentary
  151. Kirk Hammett is looking forward to upcoming "Big Four of Thrash" shows
  152. METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT To Release 'Too Much Horror Business' Book
  153. Kirk Hammett talks 'Big Four' tour, next studio album
  154. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: The first 'Big Four' photo
  155. Australian Tour . . . The Prequel!
  156. Late METALLICA bassist CLIFF BURTON: More previously unheard interview audio released
  157. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX: video footage of 'Big Four' photo call
  158. Robert Trujillo speaks to NME about the Sonisphere Big 4 show
  159. James Hetfield @ Sonisphere Poland interview
  160. KIRK HAMMETT on possibility of U.S. 'Big Four' tour: 'Never Say Never'
  161. Happy 10th!!
  162. Metallica Sonisphere cinecast seen by 100,000
  163. Robert Trujillo on the Big Four' shows: 'I didn't epect it to be this cool'
  164. Metallica take on The Beatles and Van Halen for gaming supremacy
  165. Dream comes true for Metallica fans
  166. METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX Drummers interviewed for RHYTHM magazine's thrash issue
  167. The end of the line . . .
  168. Deluxe vinyl edition of 'Kill 'Em All' available
  169. Metallica Facts Learned On The Road With Lars Ulrich
  170. First Christchurch show sells out in five minutes
  171. Lars Ulrich: 'Things are real easy and borderline pleasant'
  172. Metallica to delay their ‘Pink Floyd’ tour?
  173. 'Death Magnetic' certified double platinum in U.S.
  174. Lars Ulrich: 'Some Kind of Monster' was a 'Mind F---'
  175. 'The Big Four' DVD to receive Japanese release in October
  176. KIRK HAMMETT interviewed at JOHNNY RAMONE tribute event
  177. The Big 4 DVD Release
  178. Metallica's New Zealand shows set to go ahead
  179. JAMES HETFIELD: We owe DEBBIE ABONO 'a lot of respect and gratitude'
  180. Eight song EP release in celebration!
  181. Of Course We'll Be In Christchurch!
  182. KIRK HAMMETT: 'We love each Other and hate each other and everything in between'
  183. LARS ULRICH: Metallica more fun than ever
  184. Metal masters repay their debt to party faithful
  185. Metallica 'arrive in Christchurch'
  186. JAMES HETFIELD: Any band out there would rather fly in a chartered jet than sit on a bus
  187. METALLICA frontman visits camden county customs shop in Australia
  188. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts Coming To DVD
  189. LARS ULRICH on keeping it real With DIAMOND HEAD and NWOBHM
  190. Cruising around Sydney with METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD
  191. DUNLOP unleashes JAMES HETFIELD's black fang picks
  192. Rob Trujillo talks hard times and Juju...
  193. METALLICA's version of 'you really got me' with RAY DAVIES to appear on 'see my friends'
  194. James Hetfield & Rob Trujillo – interview
  195. LARS ULRICH: Private drum lesson, lunch being auctioned for charity
  196. METALLICA drummer featured in MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL trailers
  197. LARS ULRICH interviewed on New Zealand's THE ROCK FM (Audio)
  198. KIRK HAMMETT on his guitar playing: 'i am no EDDIE VAN HALEN, but i am still learning'
  199. Robert Trujillo: We almost have too many great songwriting ideas
  200. Kirk Hammett: Shredder, songwriter, author?
  201. Metallica may be planning (especially) 'theatrical' tour
  202. One More For 2010!
  203. Metallica: "Everybody's playing nice"
  204. Another Metallica related release this year?
  205. Hetfield On Live Aussie Album
  206. Heading Down Under
  207. Big 4 + iTunes
  208. Site UPGRADED
  209. Call of Duty: Black Ops Release Bash
  210. Metallica Live at Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Launch Event
  211. METALLICA interviewed on 'Black Carpet' at 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Launch Party
  212. METALLICA'S footage from 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Party to air on tonight's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  213. LARS ULRICH: 'I take care of three kids pretty much full time'
  214. METALLICA guitarist Seeks And Destroys
  215. Lars Ulrich: Planning more 'Big Four' shows
  216. Lars Ulrich thinks his life is a "little too healthy" for a rock star.
  217. METALLICA footage From 'Call Of Duty' launch party airs on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
  218. James Hetfield interviewed by Music Japan Overseas
  219. Errant Beachball Incident - The REAL Story
  220. LARS ULRICH: 'I'm the hugest U2 fan — I would borderline call myself a groupie'
  221. The last three shows...the end of the line...the beginning of another...
  222. Metallica packs for quick exit
  223. Lars Ulrich: Underestimated file sharing.. but proud we sued
  224. Metallica breaks arena record down under
  225. METALLICA FOH, monitor engineers interviewed by Australia's ENTECH TV
  226. Lars Ulrich still loves 'Death Magnetic' two years later
  227. 'The Big Four: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria' certified Gold, Platinum
  228. Metallica joins Bells Beach fight
  229. James Hetfield interviewed on Australia's 'The 7PM Project'
  230. LARS ULRICH says he's not 'greedy' or 'anti-internet'
  231. BIG 4 at Sonisphere in Knebworth, 2011.
  232. MORE Big 4!
  233. Metallica harnessing 'good vibe' on tenth studio album
  234. Exclusive: Kirk Hammett says secret Metallica project in the works
  235. Heavy Metal Shredding With Metallica’s Kirk Hammett
  236. LARS ULRICH: METALLICA has 'No Plans' to resurrect 'Lost' recordings
  237. METALLICA: Fan-Created 30th-Anniversary Documentary Posted Online
  238. Metallica Song Featured In Second Trailer For “Hesher”
  239. Big 4 radio !
  240. INSIDIOUS Writer, AVATAR Actress, Slash & Others Reminisce About the First ... - The Daily BLAM
  241. Members Of SLIPKNOT, KORN, GODSMACK, SLAYER Remember First Time They Heard ... - Blabbermouth.net
  242. The Dude to Make an Album - Phoenix New Times (blog)
  243. AVENGED SEVENFOLD Films 'So Far Away' Video - Apr. 19, 2011 - Blabbermouth.net
  244. Megadeth's Vital 'Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?' Album Remastered and ... - DigitalJournal.com (press release)
  245. Valley to Host Big 4 Concert - KPSP Local 2
  246. Slash, Slayer, Anthrax and Korn Pay Tribute to Metallica - Gibson
  247. Tapatalk NOW available!
  248. Lars Ulrich to pen liner notes for Megadeth - Kill Your Stereo
  249. Slash, Kerry King Remember First Time They Heard Metallica - Gun Shy Assassin
  250. Lars Ulrich To Write Megadeth Album Notes - Ultimate-Guitar.Com