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  1. Will Metallica play in Berlin, at the O2 World Arena, 2008-09-12?
  2. Metallica Talk About 'Kill 'Em All'
  3. METALLICA doing IRON MAIDEN´S cover
  4. GODSMACK Frontman Performs METALLICA's 'Nothing Else Matters'
  5. 2008-09-17, the release date of "Death Magnetic"?
  6. Metallica Reveal Boxset Plans
  7. METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD, TRIVIUM Covering IRON MAIDEN: Audio Samples Available
  8. Metallica Still Not Signed On For Guitar Hero Yet
  9. Kirk Hammett welcomes a new addition to his family
  10. Metallica's 'Death Magnetic': Modern version of and justice for all?
  11. HETFIELD: ROB has written more on new METALLICA album than NEWSTED had in 14 Years
  12. MNEMIC To Support METALLICA In Switzerland - July 17, 2008
  13. Shred like Metallica with the Kirk Hammett signature series amps
  14. Kirk Hammett of Metallica set to start a surf clothing line?
  15. Metallica on top In 1991, in the Loder Files
  16. "Death Magnetic' songs Revealed?
  17. METALLICA, SLAYER, AIC, ANTHRAX members confirmed For OZZFEST's DIMEBAG Tribute
  18. New Video Interview With KIRK HAMMETT, ROBERT TRUJILLO
  19. METALLICA, SOB Interview - Vertigo
  20. Metallica explain the meaning of their new album's title
  21. The 25th Anniversary of METALLICA's Debut
  22. New Interview with Rob and Lars from Bologna
  23. Metallica on TV - forthcoming shows
  24. September 30 as the release date for the new METALLICA album, "Death Magnetic"?.
  25. METALLICA in BBC TWO Documentary
  26. Lars Ulrich and his girlfriend Connie Nielsen have returnd to their Danish roots
  27. Metallica make Coffin Box-Set available for order
  28. METALLICA created a giant economy in Turkey
  29. JAMES HETFIELD Turning 45 On Sunday
  30. METALLICA members staying In different countries while touring
  31. METALLICA: 'German Tribute' available for free Download
  32. METALLICA: Report From 'The Day That Never Comes' video shoot available
  33. New Metallica album to arrive on a friday
  34. LARS ULRICH (Sort Of) Confirms 'Guitar Hero: Metallica' is on the way
  35. METALLICA drummer says working with bassist ROBERT has been 'Completely Effortless'
  36. Metallica try yo recapture Old-School hunger on Death Magnetic, but not to please fan
  37. Lars Ulrich talks 20th Anniversary Of '…And Justice For All'
  38. 'Mandatory Metallica' to launch August 16 On XM
  39. METALLICA looking forward to playing its first OZZFEST
  40. Lars Ulrich presents a special on KinkFM radio
  41. Metallica tips hat to new bassist
  42. METALLICA debuts new song at OZZFEST
  43. Death Magnetic - DONE
  44. Kirk Hammet: The great thing about working with producer RICK R. is he's never around
  45. METALLICA book author to part in online chat
  46. Can Metallica resurrect Puppets, save face?
  47. KIRK HAMMETT comments on upcoming North American tour
  48. METALLICA talks to BRIAN SLAGEL about 'Kill 'Em All'; entire interview available
  49. Metal Hammer Podcast is Live!
  50. Lars of METALLICA shares Death Magnetic with a few other rockers
  51. Metallica, Trivium & others pay tribute to Iron Maiden
  52. Metallica XM
  53. JAMES HETFIELD erects metal fence on property; angers hikers, bikers and Equestrians
  54. METALLICA: New video interview with ROBERT TRUJILLO
  55. METALLICA: New audio sample available / A little taste of Death
  57. METALLICA: New single to receive exclusive radio premiere this THURSDAY
  58. HETFIELD talks to 17-year-old Dutch girl about songwriting
  59. Lars Ulrich talks 'Guitar Hero', 'Rock Band'
  60. METALLICA's new single to be posted online tomorrow on metallica.com
  61. HERE IS THE SINGLE "The Day That Never Comes"
  62. Kerrang! award honour for Metallica
  63. HETFIELD to take part in live interview on German radio
  64. METALLICA: 'Film proved we where egomaniacs'
  65. Take METALLICA Inspiration from DEATHSTARS for 'Death Magnetic'?
  66. 'The Culture Show' special on BBC
  67. This new Metallica is...Good
  68. 'The Day That Never Comes' video preview
  69. LARS ULRICH On 'Death Magnetic': 'We could not have made a better album'
  70. Metallica on Reading 'honour' + interview
  71. James Hetfield interview on German Radio!
  72. METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE, JUDAS PRIEST Tracks featured in 'Rock Revolution' video game
  73. MACHINE HEAD drummer on touring with METALLICA: 'We couldn't be more honored'
  74. KIRK HAMMETT: We are not intimidated by any new bands
  75. METALLICA: Entire 'My Apocalypse' song available for streaming
  76. READING FESTIVAL: A look behind the scenes from Metallica
  77. Early 'Death Magnetic' Review
  78. Longtime soundman BIG MICK interviewed at PINKPOP Festival
  79. New audio interview with KIRK HAMMETT at Pukkelpop 2008
  80. Video of KERRANG! AWARDS Acceptance speech METALLICA
  81. RICK RUBIN On 'Death Magnetic': 'It'll sound like this explosion of energy'
  82. James Hetfield talks to "Germany's Radio Eins", Audio
  83. Metallica spotted in the New Yorker, Armani
  84. HETFIELD + SWEET SAVAGE on stage in Dublin, August 20
  85. Lars Ulrich about cocaine, Oasis, Megadeth and that quietus incident
  86. GOD FORBID Guitarist: 'I am feeling the new METALLICA songs
  87. More Death on the Radio
  88. 'Death Magnetic' reviewed by TERRORIZER Magazine
  89. Metallica single 'Sounds like Mud'; Experts don't believe technical error is to blame
  90. 'The Day That Never Comes' landed on BILLBOARD's hot 100 Chart
  91. Death Magnetic - Track by Track Review
  92. Music Radar's Track by Track Review of Death Magnetic
  93. Death Magnetic reviewed in METAL HAMMER: Latest Podcast
  94. The world premiere of Death Magnetic
  95. Video footage from Jonschwil meet-and-greet
  96. Some short parts in Slash's autobiography about Metallica
  97. HETFIELD on Death Magnetic, I needed to get heavy and scary with myself again
  98. All 10 Death Magnetic songs short samples
  99. METALLICA to jam with PAUL MCCARTNEY, French first lady on british tv?
  100. Best buy-exclusive version of new album to include 'Guitar Hero' bonus tracks
  101. 'Death Magnetic' Limited-Edition pint glass available with Pre-orders
  102. METALLICA rules Irish chart
  103. METALLICA on BRUCE DICKINSON's radio show
  104. cyanide streaming live on Metallica.com
  105. 'The Day That Never Comes' chart positions
  106. The day that never comes video premiere
  107. Metallica return in fine form with "The Day That Never Comes"
  108. Death Magnetic Box content revailed
  109. LARS ULRICH to guest on San Francisco's LIVE 105 today
  110. ULRICH Downplays 'Death Magnetic' leak: 'It's part of how it Is these days'
  111. 'Death Magnetic' Reviewed by ROLLING STONE Magazine
  113. METALLICA: TICKETMASTER's paperless ticketing for release party at the O2
  114. ULRICH: It's difficult to talk about how great TRUJILLO is without dissing NEWSTED
  115. VIDEO from JAMES HETFIELD Interviewed on Dutch radio
  116. 'Death Magnetic' to be officially released three days earlier in France?
  117. Warner Bros Response To The Leak
  118. METALLICA: No early release for 'Death Magnetic'
  119. Metallica Welcomes "The Leak"
  120. HETFIELD and TRUJILLO Talk about songwriting process for 'Death Magnetic'
  121. Death Magnetic: Early impressions Guitar World
  122. Japanese tv interview Lars Ulrich
  123. HETFIELD: METALLICA's music to torture Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prisoners
  124. Video from 'The world premiere of Death Magnetic'
  125. Exclusive versions of 'Suicide And Redemption' to be featured On 'Guitar Hero III'
  126. HETFIELD calls MACHINE HEAD's 'The Blackening' album 'Unbelievable'
  127. Metallica Week on MusicRadar
  128. I Heart Magnetic
  129. METALLICA Hunt for succesors
  130. ULRICH: 'I'm not a particularly accomplished drummer'
  131. Trujillo: 'Death Magnetic' Is just the beginning....
  132. Lars and Rob on Virgin radio, Paris, France 2008-09-10
  133. 'Death Magnetic' Arrives in UK early?
  134. Death Magnetic" pre-show and after-party at the Indigo2 in London announced
  135. ULRICH on 'Death Magnetic' Leak 10 days before release: By 2008 standards....
  136. Oasis Slams Metallica
  137. HMV spokesman claims METALLICA's label allowed retailers to sell 'DM' early
  138. HETFIELD, ULRICH talk to BBC RADIO 1's 'Rock Show' video
  139. METALLICA Celebrates release 'Death Magnetic' in Copenhagen, audio
  140. HETFIELD responds to 'Midlife Crisis' accusations, Video
  141. Hetfield Interview - Audio
  142. Death Magnetic review from Ultimate-Guitar.com
  143. 'Death Magnetic' sells double platinum in Finland
  144. ULRICH: Everyone expects us to release albums that define the genre, to 'save' Metal
  145. Live broadcast METALLICA sets Record
  146. UK 'Magnetic' Box missing cd
  147. eBay's METALLICA ticket sales strike a sour note
  148. 'Death Magnetic' On track to sell 500.000 copies
  149. METALLICA Performs five new songs at Berlin concert
  150. METALLICA Interviewed on 'AT&T Blue Room'
  151. METALLICA is looking outside the music industry for design and branding
  152. DREAM THEATER Drummer, 'Death Magnetic' Is hands down the best METALLICA album in....
  153. 'Death Magnetic' hit the chart thread.
  154. METALLICA Interview cancelled over controversial 'Death Magnetic' review
  155. HAMMETT: 'Our goal is to always write songs that are fun for us to play'
  156. 'Death Magnetic' Sells more copies in Norway in one day than U2 did in a week
  157. UK MET FANS: Radio 1 right now!
  158. AC/DC, METALLICA tickets rock the top events rankings
  159. Metallica adds shows as 'Death Magnetic' surfaces
  160. Interviews with KIRK HAMMETT, ROBERT TRUJILLO, O2 London video
  161. Metallica's Fury at download reviewer
  162. JAMES HETFIELD: 'We've all discovered there is freedom through structure'
  163. LARS ULRICH: 'If we don't get along, everything else is irrelevant'
  164. ROBERT TRUJILLO on how he landed METALLICA gig
  165. KIRK HAMMETT on when he realized he was a 'Rock Star'
  166. KIRK HAMMETT Interviewed by MTV Brazil
  167. Yahoo Interviews Metallica - Videos
  168. METALLICA Backstage interview from KERRANG! AWARDS
  169. LARS ULRICH wants to share stage with U2
  170. DREAM THEATER, OPETH members on how they got into METALLICA
  171. Fans complain after “Death Magnetic” Sounds better on “Guitar Hero” than CD
  172. JAMES HETFIELD, 'It's impossible to completely regain your innocence or virginity'
  173. James Hetfield: The guitar world interview
  174. Kirk Hammett nearly quit band for solo career
  175. DEATH MAGNETIC was written as a tribute to tragic ALICE IN CHAINS rocker LAYNE STALEY
  176. LARS ULRICH: 'There's a Lot of love and positive momentum for this METALLICA record'
  177. JAMES HETFIELD: 'I'd rather have eight powerful songs than 14 so-so songs'
  178. Dr. Anger: Talking with Phil Towle, Metallica's performance coach, about DM
  179. LARS ULRICH: 'Downloading lawsuit was never about money'
  180. JAMES HETFIELD, LARS ULRICH talk about METALLICA's longevity
  182. Metallica MSN Video Interview
  183. METALLICA Manager: 'Death Magnetic' Sound complainers are a tiny minority
  184. Number 1 . . . The Sequel
  185. K. HAMMETT: If we stay too far from signature METALLICA sound, our fans get impatient
  186. TRIVIUM Drummer: If 'Shogun' gets compared to METALLICA, people need to clean their..
  187. METALLICA Leave Staley tribute Off new album
  188. ULRICH about 'Death Magnetic': 'Everybody who's heard the album says it sounds great
  189. METALLICA at 5 from "Best Selling Music Acts" since 1991
  192. Ulrich fears drumming drama could end Metallica
  193. Lars Responds To Death Magnetic Mixing Criticism
  194. James Hetfield: 'sorry We're So Slow'
  195. METALLICA To perform at 'Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008' awards show
  196. Metallica to emphasize 'Magnetic' on tour
  197. METALLICA to guest on 'Rockline'
  198. LARS ULRICH a big fan of 'Guitar Hero'
  199. Kirk Hammett admits: "I'm never confident"
  200. LARS ULRICH has consigned "Untitled (Boxer)"
  201. KIRK HAMMETT and ROBERT TRUJILLO interviewed by France's Guitar Part Magazine
  202. MM Television Bulgaria interview with JAMES HETFIELD
  203. ESP GUITARS announces ultimate METALLICA flyaway sweepstakes
  204. 'Death Magnetic' sound quality controversy focus BBC RADIO 4 report
  205. LARS ULRICH doesn't understand 'Death Magnetic' audio complaints
  206. 'Guitar Hero - Metallica' trailer
  207. Dunlop TV: Interviews with Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett
  208. LARS ULRICH interview with swedish magazine Slitz
  209. LARS ULRICH comments on new stage show
  210. LARS ULRICH: METALLICA 'Guitar Hero' game is coming soon
  211. KIRK HAMMETT: 'I'm still against file sharing'
  212. New audio interview KISW 99.9 FM with LARS ULRICH
  213. Frontman SACRED REICH: 'It's good to have METALLICA back and kicking ass'
  214. Rollingstone.com: Metallica tear up new songs, ear drums at tour kickoff
  215. LARS ULRICH reveals why METALLICA went with 'Guitar Hero'
  216. LARS ULRICH about new METALLICA album: It's sounds 'very human'
  217. PEPPER KEENAN from DOWN: 'Death Magnetic' Is What METALLICA is supposed to be doing
  218. ROBERT TRUJILLO: I see working on new METALLICA songs as 'an honor'
  219. METALLICA Tops newspaper poll for ROCK HALL
  220. SKRATCH N' SNIFF radio teams up with METALLICA for 'Metallica Monster Mash'
  221. 'Death Magnetic' is Certified Platinum in the US
  222. R. Trujillo: 'The sound of 'Death Magnetic' will be on fans' minds for a few years
  223. Metallica Still Rockin' at the Rose Garden
  224. HETFIELD says NEWSTED should share HALL OF FAME honor, not DAVE MUSTAINE
  225. A curious bond has helped Metallica reverse meltdown
  226. JAMES HETFIELD: 'When i don't pick up the guitar, i get depressed.
  227. Was JASON NEWSTED's bass on 'Justice For All' intentionally turned down?
  228. Original 'Master Of Puppets' artwork to be auctioned
  229. Baghdad rocks to sounds of METALLICA and SLAYER
  230. All Nightmare Long next single?
  231. Interview Preview: Kirk Hammett on Death Magnetic's sound
  232. ULRICH on KING DIAMOND, 'Death Magnetic' and 'Guitar Hero'
  233. Metallica’s return to form
  234. TRUJILLO Interviewed by Dayton's 103.9 THE X
  235. 'All Nightmare Long' Single Details Revealed
  236. Metallica simplifies approach for 'Death Magnetic'
  238. 'Death' be not proud
  239. HETFIELD on 'Chinese Democracy': 'I haven't lost sleep waiting for it'
  241. 'Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica' performance to air in Europe
  242. LARS ULRICH: 'Metal is like herpes — It never goes away'
  243. 'Black' Album reissued on vinyl
  244. LARS ULRICH On life after METALLICA, NAPSTER and on-the-road excess
  245. METALLICA Contemplating internet release for next album
  246. Metallica is Hard Again
  247. Kerrang! Magazine 26/11/2008
  248. Longtime soundman from METALLICA, BIG MICK HUGHES interviewed
  249. Metallica Returns to Their Roots
  250. TRUJILLO Holding his own with rock royalty