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    ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids

    As the topic says, I'm searching for Iron Maiden 2004-01-26. If you have this please get in touch with me. I'd really prefer a possible download of it, as I have all but 1mb of the show on my computer. Here is the file list for the version I have


    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.BUP 76KB
    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO 76KB
    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB 1023MB
    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB 1023MB
    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_3.VOB 1023MB
    VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB 581MB

    Thanks to anyone who can help with the Maiden.

    Also I am looking to get a few Godsmack shows on vid. I saw them opening for Metallica a couple years ago and I loved their performance, they have a lot of songs I just love.

    To those of you who have contacted me to set up a trade I'll get back with you A.S.A.P.
    Sorry for leaving PM's unanswered, My son fell very sick so I haven't been online in quite a while. I'm back now though and will be contacting folks soon.

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    Re: ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids

    I have the Iron Maiden DVD, although I haven't checked to see if my version matches yours.

    As for Godsmack, I have a few bootleg DVDs from them as well. Even13flow probably has the biggest Godsmack collection in the Metallica trading community, although there aren't that many that exist. I recommend buying their official DVDs, Live and Changes.

    The Changes DVD was actually filmed just a few days after the Uniondale 2004 shows (opening for Metallica). If I remember correctly, the DVD was filmed in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on April 26, 2004.
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    Re: ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids

    I can hook you up with the maiden gig if nobody has helped you out yet

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    Re: ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids

    I have it. Chack out my site at
    email me if you're interested:

    Here is my Iron maiden DVD list

    1981-03-30 Milano (7) 1981-04-29 Bremen (8+)
    1982-03-20 Beast over Hammersmith PAL
    1982-06-29 New York, NY
    1983-08-25 Long Island NY
    1983-09-06 Montreal, CAN
    1983-12-18 Dortmund PAL
    1985-01-11 Rock in Rio PAL
    1986-10-16 Sheffield, UK
    1986-11-29 Paris PAL
    1987-00-00 Philadelphia PA, USA
    1987-01-11 Troy,NY,USA
    1987-04-02 MSG NYC
    1988-05-08 Brooklyn,NY,USA
    1988-07-06 Poughkeepsie
    1988-07-15 New York,NY,USA
    1988-07-16 Troy N.Y.
    1988-08-05 Miami, FL USA
    1988-08-20 Donington 88
    1988-08-27 Schweinfurt, Mainweisen
    1988-09-02 Barcelona, ESP
    1988-11-29 Whitley Bay Ice Rink
    1990-11-01 Vorst Nationaal , Brussels BEL
    1990-11-03 Leiden, Holland PAL
    1990-11-10 Stockholm,SWE
    1990-12-03 Munich, GER
    1990-12-21 Dortmund PAL
    1991-01-22 New York,NY
    1991-01-29 Philadelphia, USA NTSC
    1992 Donington
    1992-06-08 New York, NY USA
    1992-07-25 Buenos Aires, ARG
    1992-08-12 Reggio Emilia, ITA
    1992-09-02 Den Bosch, Holland PAL
    1992-09-14 Reggio Emilia, Italy NTSC
    1992-10-02 Mexico City, MEX
    1992-10-26 Nagoya PAL
    1992-11-02 Osaka, JAP
    1993-04-09 Arnheim, Holland PAL
    1993-04-16 Bremen
    1993-05-09 Milan, ITA
    1993-05-14 Nancy, France PAL
    1996-08-16 Colmar, FRA
    1996-08-24 Sao Paolo, BRA
    1996-08-29 Santiago, CHI
    1996-08-31 Buenos Aires, ARG
    1998-04-26 Lille, FRA
    1998-05-05 Milano, ITA
    1998-05-16 London, UK
    1998-06-26 Hamilton, USA PAL
    1998-12-06 Curitiba, BRA
    1998-12-12 Buenos Aires, ARG
    1999-07-11 St. John's, NB, CAN
    1999-07-23 Milwaukee,WI USA
    1999-09-12 Hamburg PAL
    1999-09-18 Gothenburg, SWE
    1999-09-20 Essen, Germany PAL
    1999-09-23 Milan ITA
    1999-09-26 Madrid, ESP
    2000-06-02 Strasbourg, FRA
    2000-06-03 Dynamo festival, Holland PAL
    2000-06-14 Bercy, Paris, FRA
    2000-06-14 Paris, FRA
    2000-06-20 Katowice, POL
    2000-06-24 Graspop, Dessel, BEL
    2000-08-05 MSG, New York PAL
    2000-08-06 Boston, USA
    2000-08-09 Portland ME, USA NTSC
    2000-08-15 Detroit, MI
    2000-08-25 Chicago
    2000-08-27 St. Paul, MN USA
    2000-08-30 Denver, CO USA
    2000-09-15 Bakersfield, CA USA
    2000-09-20 Vancouver, BC, CAN
    2001-01-13 Buenos Aires, ARG
    2001-01-15 Chile PAL
    2001-01-19 Rock In Rio, TV version PAL
    2002-03-20 London, Brixton, UK
    2002-03-21 London, UK
    2003-06-03 Katowice, POL
    2003-06-06 Gimme Ed, Rock AM Ring TV PAL
    2003-06-25 Gimme Ed, Paris PAL
    2003-07-11 Jerez,ESP
    2003-07-21 Worcester,MA USA
    2003-07-23 Gimme Ed ,Philadelphia PA NTSC
    2003-07-30 Gimme Ed, New York NTSC
    2003-07-30 New York
    2003-08-01 Quebec City, CAN
    2003-08-02 Bell Center, Montreal NTSC
    2003-08-20 Gimme Ed, DENVER,COLORADO NTSC
    2003-10-22 Prague
    2003-10-27 DOD Milan PAL
    2003-10-28 Firenze, ITA
    2003-10-30 Zurich, SUI
    2003-11-02 DOD, Madrid PAL
    2003-11-24 DOD Dortmund PAL
    2003-11-26 Hamburg
    2003-11-27 Paris FRA
    2003-12-01 Dublin, IRL
    2003-12-18 Amerville
    2004-01-11 Argentina
    2004-01-20 Montreal Quebec, CAN
    2004-01-23 New York
    2004-01-26 Dod, Hammerstein, NYC NTSC
    2004-02-07 DOD, Osaka, Japan
    2004-02-08 Saitama, JPN
    2004-02-08 Tokyo, Japan
    2005-06-02 Uster - Zurich,SUI
    2005-06-18 Lorca Rock Festival, ESP
    2005-07-09 Gothenburg, SWE 9.4 Dual Layer,Menus AWESOME!
    2005-08-20 Devore, CA USA
    2005-08-28 Reading Festival, ENG
    2005-09-02 Hammersmith, ENG UK Clive Burr Charity
    Bloopers Of The Beast
    Bruce on the BBC PAL
    Flying Heavy Metal
    live at the rainbow/ behind the iron curtain
    Maiden Canadian TV Rarities Interviews 1983/1988
    Maiden digitised Vol.1 PAL
    Maiden digitised Vol.2 PAL
    Maiden digitised Vol.3 PAL
    Maiden Interview Sessions Documentary 1980/1988
    Rhythm Of The Beast
    The Early Years

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    Re: ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids


    Been a Maiden fan for ages. Is there any chance that you make one of this 80's shows downloadable for the rest of the world. I just got a few gigs on DVD but not the much you got. So it is pretty difficult to sort out any kind of trade, because I got nothing to offer. Could you please post a pro-shot full concert either at, or

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: ISO Iron Maiden 2004-01-26 DVD & some Godsmack vids

    I have the Maiden, but no Godsmack. Link to my list is in my sig below.

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